top nonprofit blogs

I love reading blogs. I just don’t have the time to read them all, compare them, and filter out the best of the best. I’ve tried Google alerts, checking out the blogs my friends followed, and more. I’ve tried Flipboard and other apps on my iPad that gathers the top trends and shares the hottest blog posts. Regardless of what I used or how I set it up I was alwasys missing something of value that I could learn from and share with you.

Here’s a site you’ll love. Especially if you hate the wasted time that comes with scouring blogs, websites, Facebook, and more. Top Nonprofits measures blog performance across the nonprofit sector. Their website compiled a list of the world’s most popular nonprofit blogs. I was thrilled to see that my favorite blog is in the top three on Top Nonprofits. Guidestar originally shared this site and since then I’ve saved a ton of time reading and getting the information I want.