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Who I am & What I do …

For 30 years I was in the trenches working with organizations on management issues, expansion and organizational restructures, board development, policy development, grant writing, fundraising, and the list goes on. For 30 years I consulted, coached, trained, spoke, wrote, and helped nonprofits build capacity. My goal is to share all of that experience with you, here, on this website. My plan is to share it in context of our relationship with each other and the world around us.

A Little History …

GReat Kreations was founded in 1995 to meet the growing demand for services by nonprofit organizations. Our small team of professionals worked with clients in the New York and throughout the East Coast to develop organizational capacity through information technology and information management, strategic planning, board training, and systems development.

In 2005 I moved out of the hands-on technical arena to focus on organizational sustainability and development. The company was restructured to better assist clients identify, establish, and maintain soft systems that grow capacity and strengthen their ability to meet their objectives.

Throughout 2008 and 2009 I developed virtual staff and workplaces allowing greater flexibility to meet the needs of my clients without increasing the burden of costs during an economically turbulent time. In 2010 I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. It is here that my journey really begins. I began focusing on remote collaboration, dispersed teams, and virtual projects along with developing some new clients and opportunities.


And Now …

Utilizing a variety of online tools, including the virtual world of Second Life, I am able to easily and effectively collaborate with colleagues and clients around the world on regenerative business ideas & design along with best practices in nonprofit leadership.

I enjoy weaving together all the threads of my life, interests, experience, and passions into a tapestry of stories and tools to share with you. I hope you learn from, grow with, and enjoy all that is available here.. I am excited to help you strengthen your organization using the tools and resources you find throughout this website.

To let me know what you’re thinking, if you have a question, would like me to present at your next event, or for speaking engagements please complete the contact form.

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