Virtual Office

Collaborate & work in new ways

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Weekly meeting of nonprofit leaders from around the world at Nonprofit Commons in Second LIfe.

If your imagination were let loose, how would you want to work? What if you could do more than log into the company exchange server?

Utilizing a variety of online meeting applications and services you can  collaborate with customers, clients, and colleagues outside of the office. Take it one step further and you & your colleagues can  immerse yourselves in an exciting and creative virtual environment  to build the solutions that meet your needs.

Second Life is the Internet’s virtual home to virtually anything. We welcome you to our “home” where you can meet, greet, work and play. You’ll not only find other nonprofits, businesses, and training opportunities, but you’ll also learn about sustainable living, solar & wind energy, green infrastructure, peak oil, and more. Begin your journey by visiting my website; Etopia Eco-Communities.

Dr Seuss wrote, “Oh the places you’ll go!” Host a company training without additional travel and accommodations costs. Gather employees from across the state or branch managers from around the world for the weekly staff meeting in your virtual conference room. Create 3D prototypes of products to show your clients. Build a demo model demonstrating your best ideas to funders and supporters. Network with millions of people around the world. Collaborate with new partners. Increase productivity, creativity, and innovation while doing business in a cost-effective, carbon-friendly environment.

Expand your creativity and organizational reach. Learn more and visit my Etopia Eco-Communities website.