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ROI Fundraising: Save Time, Improve Performance, and Raise More Money!

The post ROI Fundraising: Save Time, Improve Performance, and Raise More Money! appeared first on Bloomerang. This article originally appeared in Bloomerang. See the original article here.

Why Having A Strategic Plan Is Vital For Your Nonprofit’s Board

If you serve as a board member on a nonprofit board of directors, or if you are an executive director that works with board members, then these nonprofit board challenges might resonate with you. I’ve served on many boards and have worked with many nonprofit board members. I often hear of two common challenges that…

16 Top Donor Management Software Solutions (+ Buyer’s Guide)

In today’s fundraising environment, personalization is key. Donors want to feel seen and understood as individuals with unique interests and motivations. Nonprofits use donor management software or a donor database to organize their donor data and ensure its accuracy. They can then use the information in the software to reach out to donors with personalized communications, ensuring…

What’s Good? Dr. Ndhlovu, The New amfAR Scientific Advisory Committee Chair, Believes Teamwork Will Help Find A Cure For HIV

This is a new series where we highlight good news that exemplifies one or more of Bloomerang’s core values: empathy, innovation, stewardship, unity, equity, and transparency.  What’s good? Dr. Lishomwa “Lish” Ndhlovu, M.D., Ph.D., is amfAR’s newly-appointed Scientific Advisory Committee Chair. In a recent interview, he explained that he’s prioritizing teamwork and “thinking outside the…

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